Hereford Hog History

During the early part of the present century a strain of hogs whose color markings resembled to a great extent the red and white markings of Hereford cattle was developed by Mr. R.U. Weber of LaPlata, MO. Little is known of his exact matings, hence his progress was extremely slow.

About twenty years later (1902 to 1925) a group of hog breeders in Iowa and Nebraska by cooperative effort and under the leadership of Mr. John Schulte of Norway, IA, developed a strain of swine they, too named Herefords.

These men had definite goals in mind as to type, color, conformation, superior feeding qualities and other favorable characteristics to develop in their foundation stock. Both Duroc and Poland China blood lines were used to a considerable extent in a judicidous program of crossing, inbreeding, interbreeding, and selecting to develop superior foundation breeding stock.

In 1934, sponsored by the Polled Hereford Cattle Registry Association located in Des Moines, Iowa, the National Hereford Hog Record Association was organized. About one hundred selected animals from the herds of Mr. John Schulte of Norway, Iowa; Mr. A.J. Way of New Sharon, Iowa; Mr. Henry Weimers; of Diller, Nebraska; G.P. Rue of Nickerson, Nebraska; and P.W. Mitchell of Van Meter, Iowa; were selected as foundation stock for original registry.


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